Speed Mentoring - Vancouver

There isn't a textbook that spells out how to succeed in your career. So instead, we give you

NABS West Speed Mentoring 2018

Spend an evening asking those very questions and gaining valuable wisdom from some of Vancouver’s top marketing, media, and broadcast professionals in the industry.

NABS West Speed Mentoring encourages participants to take the leap and immerse themselves in an evening of fast-paced networking. Each student has the opportunity to meet with three to five mentors of their choice where they can make their way through one-on-one conversations, where mentors will impart knowledge, advice, and answer questions pertaining to the industry, networking, and succeeding in an ever-changing industry.

Take your passion for learning to the next level by participating in this vigorous networking event and find out how you can enter this industry ready, confident, and excited.

Stay tuned for Speed Mentoring 2018 Details...