The Advanced Social Media Strategy (ASMS) Certificate is a course designed for professionals seeking advanced skills and understanding of social media at a strategic level. Hootsuite, the world's leading platform for managing social media, and the Newhouse School, a globally ranked school of public communications, joined forces to bring marketers a unique opportunity to advance their careers in social media strategy.

The Advanced Social Media Strategy (ASMS) Certificate is a completely online, asynchronous course that consists of 5 modules, comprising 15 lessons in total. Each lesson is followed by responsive assessments that ensure learners understand the social media ecosystem at a strategic level. Most students take approximately 60-hours to complete the course, spread out over 10-12 weeks.

Program Overview

Module one of ASMS is a high-level introduction to the fast-paced and ever-changing digital landscape of social media. Key questions and thinking points will help students relate these concepts to their own business or industry, and explore how social media can help increase efficiency and improve communication within a business.

The 2nd module of the course explores the strategic planning process that will be used throughout the course and in students' jobs and careers on a daily basis. Students will explore and acquire tools to create a strong social media strategy and to better manage their company's time and resources by measuring the ROI of social campaigns.

The next module looks at optimizing SEO, the integration of owned, earned, and paid content, as well as inbound marketing, native advertising, mobile, local and social advertising. The third module also covers how to build a comprehensive content strategy that is aligned with business objectives.

The fourth module is on Social Media Crisis Management and examines the potential threats to a business that exist in a digital world. Through case studies and an analysis on multiple theories of crisis management, learn how to recognize, prepare for, and avert a potential crisis.

The fifth and final module will ensure that learners are fully prepared and have the knowledge to build and implement a complete Advanced Social Media Strategy for their business or industry.


ASMS Certification is helping marketers accelerate their careers with the skills and knowledge necessary to understand social media at a strategic level.

Learn how Joel , founder of Alchemy One Media, prepared for a lifetime of careers with ASMS. “During early conversations with a major client, I recognized the benefits associated with advancing my skills and knowledge in social media. That’s when I turned to ASMS.”

ASMS also helped Courtney, a VP of Social Media at Legg Mason, rise to the top by advancing her strategic understanding of social media. “After advancing my strategic skills and understanding of social through the ASMS certificate, I can teach others how to listen, engage, and strategize. I’m currently consulting with our affiliates to help propel their own business into the digital future.”

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