Welcome to LifeSpeak 4.0!

The LifeSpeak On Demand Library now includes 180 videos! Topics range from physical & mental health, personal growth & relationships, parenting, sleep, healthy eating, personal finances, parenting and eldercare. These videos can be viewed any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from work, on your mobile device/tablet or at home. 

Some of the new features of LifeSpeak 4.0 include:

  • Create a LifeSpeak account that allows you to create custom playlists
  • Receive recommended content tailored to your preferences
  • Start watching on one device, continue watching on another
  • New completely revamped look that helps you find what you need, easily and quickly

For volumes in French, please visit our BEC website at www.le-bec.org/LifeSpeak

Addiction and Resillience

From April 26 until May 10, we are bringing together our content on addiction and resilience. In this first part of the campaign, you can learn about the various forms of addiction, how to recognize its signs and symptoms, and about treatment and intervention. The next part will focus on how to build your own personal resilience and positivity. You also get direct access to LifeSpeak experts during two Ask the Expert web chats, where you can ask your own questions about addiction and stress, completely anonymously.

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