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Join us for an inspiring morning with Stéfan Danis: CEO, Author, TEDx speaker.   He will share important lessons about life, giving us tools to be successful in the workplace and in our personal lives. Stéfan Danis is Chief Talent Officer & CEO of Mandrake which operates recruitment, career transition, leadership and executive coaching services. He’s the author of GOBI RUNNER and TEDx speaker with 25 years of experience in executive recruiting, and has influenced the growth of one of Canada’s largest privately-held search firm. In his first book, Stéfan writes about overcoming adversity after the 2008 market crash and helping himself stay positive by taking a personal and professional challenge to the Gobi Desert in China. He will share lessons about life that he learned from the desert and what is possible: •        Overcoming adversity •        Managing change •        Overcoming fear of failure and fear of success •        Choosing a winning mindset •        Re-interpreting past & current events to empowered ones •        Replacing defeating habits •        Exploring possibility •        Replacing failure with gratefulness


MONDAY OCTOBER 20th – RIVER ROCK SHOW THEATRE MON    9:00 AM ARRIVAL                                                          $30.00 plus tax               9:30AM -11:00AM PRESENTATION                         10 tickets for $250.00 plus tax               Proudly supported by Shaw Media TESTIMONIALS

“Your life is what you choose it to be. Reflecting this philosophy, Stefan provides an excellent reminder that anything is possible when you choose to put your soul into it and refuse to fail.”

- Howard Breen, CEO MacLaren McCann

“I followed Stefan’s blog during his journey across the Gobi and was truly inspired on a daily basis by reading what he was going through. His presentation on his emotional and physical journey, will captivate your imagination and touch your spirit. Perhaps it will even ignite an inner flame to accomplish the impossible. Stefan’s presentation illustrates what humans are capable of achieving and it is a great vehicle to motivate individuals and teams.”

- Sandra Hokansson, President and Country Manager Adecco

“The messages I took away were: The easier way of accomplishing something may not always be the best way. Team work is essential for success. The reward that we get from working hard to achieve our dreams is well worth any inconveniences we may encounter to reach our goals in life. You won’t know what your full capability will be if you don’t try.”

-Anonymous Attendee

NABS/BEC has some really exciting news– we are planning a National fundraising campaign, which involves climbing MT. KILIMANJARO in January 2015!!! We wanted to give you the inside track, as we start to recruit climbers from all parts our industry, across Canada.


Practice your climbing skill’s on September 4th, 2014 and join NABS to learn more about the Mount Kilimanjaro climb in January, 2015. Start your training by meeting the NABS team at Zoom Media (910 Richards St. Suite 206 Vancouver). We are kicking off at 5:30pm; light refreshments will be provided. The event is open to anyone interested in climbing with us. Please feel free to bring a friend or two.

We are excited to see all of the future mountaineers, so strap on your hiking boots and take the first step towards changing your life and the lives of others. 

Reserve your spot at Zoom Media by contacting Loraine Brown at to RSVP